Developing a more unified creative community In Charlotte.

As F4mily Matters continues to connect community through clothing we are living up to our commitment by dedicating a percentage of all sales from our flagship location to a community initiative or community event.  The goal is to put a conscious effort into benefiting the area that we live in. We intend to use our platform, not only create quality clothing that tells a story, but help create initiatives that help solve social, economical, and cultural problems we find in Charlotte.

Our first initiative is:

Developing a more unified creative community in Charlotte. We will accomplish this in 4 steps : Awareness, Engagement, Support, and Reciprocation.  

In the first step of this initiative we have teamed up with Charlotte Creators Council to develop a Charlotte Creative Calendar that raises awareness for the upcoming releases, events, or important dates going on around Charlotte.

Although there may be many things going on in Charlotte, we have noticed that there may be a city-wide lack of awareness. If your direct circle isn't talking about something you may never develop the interest in any particular event, product, or brand.  This lack of awareness makes it harder for people to get a clear look at what Charlotte has to offer as a whole, and at the end of the day we are only as good as the sum of our parts.

 Over the next year we want to create a local calendar of 400+ events or important dates happening in Charlotte. It may be an artists new project, a clothing brands new collection, a local concert, fashion show, a party, a play, a book club, anything that someone who is interested in Charlottes culture could be interested in.

so log on and get in tune with everything going on around Charlotte. 

How to get involved:

1. Log on to

2. Click the community page.

3. Click the Charlotte Creative Calendar 

4. Link and click submit your date

5. input all event information

6. click submit.

7. share the calendar to your friends!


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