A Sunday in Charlotte

A Sunday in Charlotte

Since the beginning, community events have always been a part of the F4mily Matters brand. We started with parties inside of Flava Factory (Social Status), on to book national headliners with Live Nation, and sold-out local venues like the Neighborhood Theatre, Amos Southend, and Tremont Music Hall.

 As F4mily Matters continues to grow, and as Charlotte continues to go through its rapid economical and social changes, the landscape of producing events has changed. As condos replace venues across Charlotte, home grown shows have become less frequent. This results in less opportunities for artists, and stunts the development of the local music scene.

As a brand that represents Charlotte and connects community through clothing, F4mily Matters has a responsibility to produce impactful events that drive the city forward. We discussed this responsibility with The Underground / Fillmore and they agree that they also have a responsibility to provide a platform for the artist's in this community. So in partnership with No Grease, F4mily Matters would like to introduce our new community event:


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