Charlotte Checkmate

Charlotte Checkmate

The Charlotte Checkmate

Living in Charlotte is a game of Chess, not Checkers and the game is won by those who can see and utilize the entire playing field. 

The concept unites significant symbols that represent the true essence of Charlotte. Bank of America is displayed as the king piece because it is the most iconic structure of the skyline. Towering 503 feet into the sky, the Bank of America building has been standing tall since 1992.  As the queen is the most mobile piece on the chessboard, the fifteen foot statue of Queen Charlotte located at Charlotte Douglas airport is one of the most notable and historic markers in the city. Charlotte is called the Queen City after King George III of Great Britain’s wife, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

The bishop stands as a hornets nest, which can also be identified around the city from the Charlotte Hornets professional NBA team to the well-known Hornets Nest Park. The term “hornets” derives from the Revolutionary War, when General Charles Cornwallis could not occupy this territory due to heavy “stinging” militias of the Carolinas. As bees move around meticulously buzzing and working for a common goal, so do the people of Charlotte with the intent of greatness and building F4mily.

The knights are familiar to Charlotte, as recently the Charlotte Knights baseball team built a stadium downtown. Our rendition of the Knights logo represents a knight charging through any obstacles faced before it.

The rooks are identified as the Carolina Panthers, representing a stronger and more resilient piece. As Panthers fans, Charlotteans have had to exercise a strong sense of loyalty and resilience to its cause. All the while, The Panthers organization has become an intricate piece of the fabric through community engagement and inclusion.

The pawn is shown as a tire wheel, to represent the deep history of NASCAR racing. Charlotte is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and a few race team headquarters. Charlotte motor speedway was opened in 1960 and is nicknamed “America’s Home for Racing”.

To become efficient at chess, one must learn to strategize with each piece and plan as many moves ahead as possible. Grandmaster is the title given to a chess player when reaching the highest level of performance. Those familiar to Charlotte would agree that maneuvering in this city is the equivalence of being a human “Grandmaster”. As F4mily Matters has observed and played the game tactfully; we invite you to view our latest win, “The Charlotte Checkmate”.


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