No Grease! Is not your average barbershop

No Grease! Is not your average barbershop

Founded by Damian and Jermaine Johnson in 1997, No Grease! is fulfilling their mission every day by providing quality, fast, grooming needs for their clients. Now with 5 franchise locations, The Johnson brothers set their eyes on expanding the No Grease! franchise across the nation. The name No Grease! comes from a popular phrase that barbers use when requesting that clients have no grease in their hair before receiving a haircut; to prevent the clippers from jamming. Barbers are known to put signs at their stations to communicate this standard, and the name No Grease!  is something that barbers around the world can appreciate. 

The No Grease!  logo is a work of art, and this quote from the No Grease biography explains what it means to the founders:

"No Grease Incorporated’s logo is emblematic of the resiliency found in the same African American cultural framework where barbering has long been one of the most constant—though largely ignored—economic forces in America. Historically, this culture faced insidious attacks and opposition against its very identity—an identity that has birthed the very ingenuity, creativity, originality, and entrepreneurial spirit that our corporation has utilized to its advantage. Therefore, our logo, simply stated, embodies this value of resiliency, which we define as the ability to negate that which was meant for our detriment and, in turn, empower for our good."

No Grease Logo

No grease goes far beyond the barber chair. In October 2016 No Grease! Introduced the No grease School of Tonsorial Arts with a vision to provide barber curriculum that gives the tools necessary for a student's successful transition into the barber profession. The schools standards far exceed the NC board of Barber Examiners, as it prepares students for a career in barbering through hands on experience, class projects, and dialogue; all under the leadership of the master barbers. No grease is not only a successful franchise and educational system, but also continues to help drive the community of Charlotte forward by being involved in countless events and programs that push the city forward. No Grease!  is a consistent beacon for positivity, unity, and resilience in the Charlotte area. Make sure you stop by the No Grease!  booth at A Sunday in Charlotte on September 30th. 

Interested in opening a no grease Franchise of your own? Click here to learn more.

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