The Brand Pyramid - Part 1

The Brand Pyramid - Part 1

Key Identifiers of Your Brand: The Brand Pyramid

F4mily Matters is a brand for brands. We understand what it takes to build a successful brand, and our business is helping other brands do that. Success is made up of so many things. Part of being successful is being able to sell merchandise. We’ve already talked about the practical ways of selling merch, but here’s a bigger question: As a brand, how do you connect with your audience in a way that will turn a follower into a customer? How do you make them want to buy your product?

If you want to create that connection with your audience, you need to understand every single aspect of your brand. When you fully understand your brand, you will be able to communicate your message to your audience. When your followers feel like they can identify with your brand, that creates an emotional connection for them. That emotional connection is what turns your followers into customers. That’s what makes them want to buy your product.

So how do you make sure you understand all the aspects of your brand? The easiest way to do that is to create your brand pyramid. The brand pyramid is a collection of details about your brand that act as key identifiers - simply put, these are the details that help your followers learn who you are and what you stand for. What’s included in your brand pyramid? Let’s take a look.

Your Brand Logo

Your logo does not have to be static; it can change over time. As the world changes around you and as your brand grows and evolves, you may find new ways to represent your brand that require you to change your logo. That is perfectly normal! Lots of well-known brands have changed their logos at least a couple of times.

For example, Nike has always used the Swoosh, but they’ve changed their logo’s font multiple times. Their current logo doesn’t even contain the word Nike anymore, it’s just the Swoosh by itself. It’s okay for your logo to change with the times. Don’t be afraid to refresh or redesign it.


Next week we will discuss the second tier of the brand pyramid: your brand name.

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