The Brand Pyramid - Part 4

The Brand Pyramid - Part 4

The purpose of developing the tiers of the brand pyramid is to create a connection with your audience. Your success as a brand depends (at least partially) on your ability to turn your followers into customers. We’ve already looked at how your logo, your brand name, and your taglines can help to create that connection. Today we’re going to talk about your brand’s story, otherwise known as your bio.

Brand Bio

Your biography is your brand’s opportunity to showcase its personality and encourage people to take action. It should be clear and concise; no longer than a paragraph in length. When writing your bio, you want to explain who you are and what you do. Use well-thought-out language and a tone that speaks directly to your target audience. 

Things to include:

  •     Highlight what makes you special or unique.
  •     Show potential customers exactly what you have to offer.
  •     What does your brand name mean and how does it relate to your products?
  •     What kind of theme is prominent in your designs?
  •     What principles do you stand by?
  •     What words can you use to describe your products?

Take a look at the following brand bios for Starbucks and Nike. There is so much you can say about either company! They both have detailed backstories and long histories of offering industry-disrupting products and services, but none of those details are included in their bio. Even these huge companies with so much to say can edit their stories down to a single paragraph that tells customers who they are and what they do.





Next week we will look at the fifth tier of the brand pyramid: values.

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