Welcome To The City

Welcome To The City

Welcome to Charlotte ,North Carolina, the Queen City.

Charlotte is home to some of the most talented creatives in the world, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. The Charlotte culture has deep roots stemming from the Historic Brooklyn Neighborhood in Second Ward, to the AMCS Bodega Festivals that drew thousands to see Charlotte locals,to the Charlotte Uprising in response to the police murder of Keith Lamont Scott.

As the city rises to the spot-light, the hiphop, streetwear, sports, and art culture are what fuels the development of the cities identity, song by song, shirt by shirt, and mural by mural. The way we do things here should become more and more evident as the city changes and grows. What it means to be from here should be embedded in the generations to come. We have to do our part to make sure the Charlotte culture is not torn to pieces and sold for its parts, but rather developed into a creative economy that can be a vessel for the voices who represent what we stand for. 

This collection should feel like Charlotte.

You should feel Charlotte through the perspectives displayed in the cypher.

You should feel charlotte as you play the Mixtape full of songs that have, are ,and will make an impact on the music scene.

You should Feel Charlotte when you put on your F4mily Matters T-shirt

& you should feel Charlotte when you see the 50 Foot Mural on the Side of our flagship location, reminding us how great of a city we live in.

Welcome to the City,

-Samir Hamid

F4mily Matters


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