Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is direct to garment printing?

A. Direct to garment or DTG printing is a state-of-the-art process that allows us to print high resolution, full-color images on cotton garments. With DTG printing, we load designs digitally from the computer and print them using special inkjet technology to print directly into the fabric, creating permanent prints that will not peel or wash out.

Q. Can you print on dark-colored garments?

A. Yes, we can print on dark color garments. Dark shirts may require us to use a white under-base when printing and are classified as CMYK+W. Garments that do not require an under-base are referred to as CMYK. CMYK means printing only color, so it is only possible when the colors in the design are darker than the color of the shirt. CMYK+W is any artwork that requires white ink or light colors on a dark shirt. The rule of thumb with DTG is if the color of the ink is lighter than the color of the shirt, there needs to be an under-base.

Q. What is the difference between direct to garment printing and screen printing?

A. Direct to garment printing (or digital printing) and screen printing are both permanent processes. Digital printing is more advanced and can print unlimited colors, with no minimum or set up fees, whereas screen printing requires a setup charge for each color, as well as restrictions in how detailed a design can be. Direct to garment is an eco-friendly printing method that does not produce any harmful waste, whereas screen printing uses plastisol inks that can be harmful to the environment.

Q. What are the advantages of direct to garment printing?

A. The digital advantage is huge! Unlimited print colors. Fast turn around. No minimum order. No screen/set up fees. Eco friendly.

Q. Is direct to garment printing better than screen printing?

A. The truth is there are different print processes for different situations. Direct to garment is best when printing designs that have a lot of color or detail, orders that have a quantity under 250 pieces, with multiple design styles in the same order, and in a quick turn around. Screen printing could be more cost-effective for orders with 250+ of the same design style, in single color prints, but both are permanent high-quality print.

Q. What are the artwork requirements for direct to garment printing?

A. Click here to view our artwork requirements

Q. Should I wash my garments before wearing them?

A. It’s suggested you wash any garment, printed or not, before wearing it. In regards to digital printing, it’s a good idea to rinse your garment in lukewarm water prior to wearing, but plenty of clients throw them right on after they’re made.

Q. Will direct to garment printing wash off?

A. Direct to garment printing is a permanent process and the dyes are infused into the fabric. All textile printing is subject to weathering over time but DTG will not peel or fade drastically as long as washed under normal conditions.

Q. Can you print blended shirts or polyester?

A. Direct to garment printing is a process made for 100% cotton. For best results, we suggest combed 100% cotton t-shirts. It is possible to print on blended fabrics but the t-shirt will be less durable and less vibrant over time. Some designs on heather shirts are looking for a more vintage style print, in which case printing on blends is no problem.

Q. How soon can my order be ready?

A. We have some same day and next day services available depending on the scope of the order. Standard production is 1-3 days from the time the proof is approved. Bulk orders may take up to a week depending on the specifics of the order.

Q. Can you print photographs?

A. Yes. Direct to garment printing can print with an unlimited amount of colors and very high resolution. We can print up to 1200dpi (dots per inch)

Q. How big can you print?

A. Our max print size is currently 14×16.

Q. How can I optimize my colors for direct to garment printing?

A. Check out our artwork requirements.

Q. Do I need to own the artwork that I am printing?

A. When you place an order with F4mily Matters you are stating that you have the right to print the artwork you are providing.

Q. Do I own the artwork that F4mily Matters create for me?

A. You have all rights to any artwork that you provide and F4mily Matters will not reproduce any client's artwork without the client's consent. Any artwork that we have been paid to produce is owned by the client.

Q. Can I provide my own garments?

A. Absolutely! Just remember digital printing is best on 100% cotton garments. We also have a no replacement policy on garments we did not provide, meaning if a mistake happens during production the customer will be responsible for providing shirts to be reprinted.

Q. What kind of machines do you use?

A. We have state of the art pretreatment machines, heat presses, DTG printers, and conveyor dryers.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. No, we do not offer refunds.

Q. Can you print on tie-dye, camo, and neon colors?

A. Yes. Although printing on dyed garments can cause dye migration, in which the dye color from the shirt can blend with the color of the white ink.

Q. What is the difference between classic, heavyweight, and premium garments?

  • Classic collection: our classic collection consists of light-medium weight ring-spun cotton garments with a true to size fit. (3.8oz to 4.3oz)
  • Heavyweight collection: our heavyweight options can consist of a medium-heavy weight ring-spun cotton with true to size fits. (5.3oz to 6.1oz)
  • Premium collection: our premium style is light-medium weight combed ring-spun garments with a fashion fit. (4oz to 4.5oz)