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FM X CLT4PALI Palestine Forever Home Keeper Kit in Red

FM X CLT4PALI Palestine Forever Home Keeper Kit in Red

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ntroducing the FM X CLT4PALI Palestine Forever Keeper Jersey, a standout piece in our latest collection. This jersey is designed for those who guard the goal and embody resilience, strength, and pride. Crafted in collaboration with Charlotte United for Palestine, this keeper jersey is both functional and symbolic.

High-Performance Fabric: Engineered for comfort and durability, keeping you cool and dry during intense matches.

Striking Red Design: Features a bold Red base with intricate patterns, showcasing the word “Palestine” prominently in white Arabic script, symbolizing hope and unity.

Unique Accents: Includes the “Global Citizens for Justice” badge and the iconic key symbol, representing freedom and solidarity.

Attention to Detail: Every element, from the vibrant logos to the meticulous stitching, honors Palestinian heritage and culture.

Community Impact: 100% of the profits from this jersey will be donated to Heal Palestine, providing essential medical aid and support to those in need.

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