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The Checkmate Tee

The Checkmate Tee

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Living in Charlotte is a game of chess, not checkers. The game is won by those who can see and utilize the entire playing field. This design reimagines each chess piece as a significant symbol from the city of Charlotte. 

King: The choice for the king was obvious: Bank of America Tower. At a staggering height of 871 feet, the Bank of America building has been standing tall in Uptown Charlotte since 1992.  

Queen: Known as the Queen city, Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte of England. Having grown up in the Mecklenburg-Strelitz area of northern Germany, she later became the wife of King George III of England. For the queen piece, we chose the 15-foot statue of Queen Charlotte which is on display at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Sculpted by Washington DC artist Raymond Kaskey, the statue was dedicated in 1990, and has been welcoming travelers to Charlotte ever since.

Bishop: Why are hornets nests synonymous with the city of Charlotte? During the Revolutionary War, British General Cornwallis was supposedly heard saying that Charlotte was a “hornet’s nest of rebellion” as he fled the area after the Battle of Charlotte. The moniker stuck, and in 1988, the city chose the name for their NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets. Our bishop piece features the hornets nest, as it buzzes around the chess board.

Knight: Charlotte's Minor League Baseball team chose to be called the Knights in 1988, and thus the figure of a knight became a part of the Charlotte identity. Clearly the only option for the knight chess piece, our Charlotte Knight charges through any obstacles before it.

Rook: When talking about Charlotte, you have to mention our NFL team, the Carolina Panthers. Named for the big cats that were native to our state (before extinction in 2011), the Panthers joined the NFL in 1993, and the animal became an icon in the region. We chose this powerful animal for the rook piece, symbolizing strength and speed.

Pawn: Stockcar racing has a long and storied history in North Carolina, tracing its roots to the Wilkesboro area. NASCAR headquarters are located in Uptown Charlotte, and the 

The pawn is shown as a tire wheel, to represent the deep history of NASCAR racing. Charlotte is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and a few race team headquarters. Charlotte motor speedway was opened in 1960 and is nicknamed “America’s Home for Racing”.

To become efficient at chess, one must learn to strategize with each piece and plan as many moves ahead as possible. "Grandmaster" is the title given to a chess player upon reaching the highest level of performance. Those familiar with Charlotte would agree that maneuvering in this city is the equivalent of being a "Grandmaster" of Charlotte.

F4mily Matters has observed and played the game tactfully; we invite you to wear our latest win: The Checkmate Tee.

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